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Seattle's Porsche Experts

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When it comes to concerns such as Check Engine light or other warnings. We will begin with 1 hour of Diagnostics minimum. Some conditions can take more time and be very complicated. We will keep you up to date throughout the process and always ask to authorize additional time for complex issues.



With modern vehicles containing technology such as ethernet, fiberoptics, Bluetooth and other wires data transmission, electrical diagnostics and concerns can be expensive and complicated. And older vehicles have their own complexity in diagnosis. The technicians at Chris’s German have the experience in old and new electrical architecture to always find the root cause and best repair solutions.


Fuel Systems

Classic cars are more susceptible to fuel system failure. If your classic Porsche hasn’t run in few years or more. You may need a fuel system overhaul. We can accurately assess what components can and should be replaced to obtain optimal performance and longevity. Properly functioning fuel system components keep your vehicle running correctly and keep your engine running healthy.



The engine in the heart and soul of the Porsche engine. If your vehicle is consuming excessive oil, or the engine is noisier than you think it should be, let us find the best solution to your vehicle’s needs.



The transmission is just as vital as the engine to the operation of your vehicle. Failures such as oil leaks, noises, or shifting performance are common as the transmission takes the most abuse in most driving situations. If your transmission is shifting oddly or is difficult to engage a gear or you have clutch pedal performance issues, we can diagnosis and repair your vehicles transmission to the proper working order.



The vehicle chassis encompasses every aspect of the vehicle and is the body that keeps us safe on the road, and connects us to the road through the suspension wheels and tires. Being sure that your suspension, brake, wheel and tire components are at their optimal performing condition ensures safety and reliability during emergency maneuvers and elevates the thrill of spirited driving.

Seattle's Porsche Experts

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